For their second taproom, brewery center and event space, Jackalope Brewery welcomed a design rooted in what typical breweries are not: colorful, bright, and retro-modern. Although it's located in the heart of Nashville's downtown-adjacent Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood, The Ranch's aesthetic home is Palm Springs, California: cacti line the building's entrance, painted stone grounds the bar, and expanses of electric color — pink, turquoise and yellow — bring pops of sun-drenched energy. Midcentury touches come through in vibe-y lighting (carrying from golden-globe bar pendants to Sputnik-esque vanity fixtures), Atomic-inspired mirrors and angular, eye-grabbing hex-tile. That form flows right into function: Jackalope's facility, entirely designed and built by Powell Architecture + Building Studio, also comfortably houses state-of-the-art tanks and the latest in brewing technology.